Professional printers (SLS, Color Jet, Poly Jet)

Professional 3D printers SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), Color Jet and Poly Jet are high-tech devices designed for precise and high-quality production of complex and functional 3D models. Each of these technologies has its own unique characteristics and advantages. Here is a detailed description of these three types of professional 3D printers:

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering): SLS printers use a laser beam to solidify plastic or metal powder. The selective laser sintering process is carried out in a special chamber with a controlled atmosphere, where the plastic or metal powder is heated to the point of sintering (melting point), creating new layers of the material. SLS technology allows the construction of strong and detailed models without the need for support or supports during printing. It is particularly suitable for serial production of functional components, prototyping of complex parts and fabrication of metal objects.

Color Jet: Color Jet technology uses resins of different colors that are used to print colorful 3D models. Color Jet printers feature print heads that use liquid resins and spray microscopic droplets of each resin onto the surface of the print material. This technology enables the creation of detailed and realistic color models with high resolution and precision. Color Jet printers are widely used in prototyping, architecture, medicine, design and other industries where color detail and realistic prototypes are essential.

Poly Jet: Poly Jet technology uses print heads that spray liquid resin or gel, combining different materials and colors during printing. This technology allows the creation of multiple materials with different properties and the ability to create combinations of colors in one model. Poly Jet printers are suitable for prototyping, functional objects, high precision parts and other complex components. It is particularly useful in the engineering field, where high precision and a variety of materials are essential.

SLS, Color Jet and Poly Jet professional 3D printers are reliable, high-tech devices that enable engineers, designers and manufacturers to create complex, functional and realistic 3D models for various industries and applications. Each of these types of printers offers unique capabilities and advantages that can be used to solve different tasks and projects.

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