PLA Filament – ​​071 – Gold Metallic

  • Brand: 3D Line Filament
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30,00 лв.
Metallic line Golden metallic 071

PLA metallic line. The material has a metallic color (effect) without added metal particles.
PLA is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable natural resources and one of the most popular materials for 3D printing.
PLA can be used on all common 3D printers FDM or FFF with desktop technologies.
For the production of our standard line filament is used primary granule produced in the USA and colorants from the EU.
This type of granule is used by many of the top manufacturers of thread for 3D printing.

Material parameters:
Diameter 1. 75 deviation ±0. 03.
Weight 1 kg of pure weight of the material.
Meters 340 meters.

Print parameters:
of nozzle 210 ±10°C
of bed 55°C ±10°C

Rolled on a roll, vacuum packed, with silica gel to maintain optimal humidity.
The vacuum roll is in carton.

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