About Us
About Us

Welcome to ArtPrinting3D where the magic of 3D printing meets the captivating expression of acrylic painting!

We specialise in creating unique and exciting 3D printed figures that come to life through our masterful application of acrylic paints.

With our vision and flair, every figure boasts individuality and character. Our talented artists breathe life into every intricately detailed 3D printed figure, using a vibrant palette of acrylic colours. The result is a visually rich experience that enlivens your surroundings, decorates your spaces and delights the eye.

At ArtPrinting3D we know every moment deserves to be captured and commemorated with art that is truly one-of-a-kind. That's why each of our products is crafted with passion and dedication. You may be a collector, art enthusiast or simply seeking a unique and exciting gift; it is the perfect source for inspiration.

Trust us to realise your ideas and fantasies by creating unique personalised 3D printed figures, especially for you. Our mission is to deliver not just a product but an art piece to thrill and inspire all.